Tuesday, February 11, 2014

An Endless Winter

Hello, friends!  Hopefully you're hanging in there during this never-ending winter!  We know it can be hard to force yourself outside, or to go out of your way to visit Delicious.  If we're not along your commute route, we may not have seen you in awhile.  We miss you!  Here are a few reasons to love the cold, and to make your way back to Delicious:

1. Winter White Chai from Art of Tea.  This is our seasonal loose-leaf offering, and it's the perfect companion for snowy days.

2. Laura Berger cards!  We have a couple of great ones in stock for Valentine's Day.

3. Chocolate!  The sun's been making a comeback this week, but it's been hiding out a lot lately.  We tend to get sad without the sun, and we find that some good chocolate can turn our frown upside-down!  Find awesome bars from AlterEco, and some killer peanut-butter cups from Justin's.

4. Falstaff Winter Blend from Metropolis.  After finishing the holiday blend, Metropolis broke out the Falstaff, and we're truly enjoying it.  It's a darker blend than the La Cordillera, but a smoother, milder alternative to Spice Island.  We're brewing it frequently, so you can stop by and taste some for yourself.  We'll also happily sell you some beans.

5. Jo Snow flavor syrups.  These locally-made syrups are the perfection addition to your latte or hot chocolate.  Although we use them in the summer for coffees and Italian Sodas, we find they truly shine in hot drinks.  What better way to stave off the cold than with a Cardamom-Rosewater latte?  Or a Pumpkin-Coconut cappuccino?  A Peppermint Twist hot chocolate truly hits the spot!

Friday, September 6, 2013

So close, we can taste it

Our last blog post was welcoming spring, and now we're getting ready to say good-bye to summer.  Clearly we've been distracted the last few months...  We've been brewing up some awesome iced teas, thanks to Art of Tea.  Our favorite is the pomegranate green, but we're also fond of the meyer lemon green, and the "lemon meringue" herbal, featuring cornflowers and green rooibos.  Rishi's blueberry rooibos remains a staple in Delicious' iced tea roster, and it's not going anywhere any time soon!  Luscious Layers Bakery (at Fullerton and Damen) has been bringing us treats on the weekends all summer long.  They've promised us some pumpkin cinnamon rolls once fall is in full swing, and we can't wait!  Other things to look forward to: the return of Desiderio Chocolate and Cocomels; new offerings from local coffee roasters; fall-themed tea (Pumpkin Chai, anyone?); and spicy, cinnamon-y lattes.

Also to keep in mind: we'll be implementing fall hours beginning September 16th.  That means we'll be open Monday-Thursday from 8am-7pm, but we'll be closing at 6pm Friday-Sunday.  Thanks for being so cooperative and flexible!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Welcome to Spring!

...Well, considering the weather keeps switching between 85-degrees and 45-degrees, we aren't really sure what season this is...  But we'll keep pretending it's Spring.  Fake it til you make it, right?  Spring means the return of patio season at Delicious.  The worst things about our patio are the small size and the lack of electrical outlets.  The best things, though, are afternoon shade and fresh air while you read!  We think it's the perfect place for Sunday morning newspaper browsing and coffee drinking.  Spring also means that Delicious is heating up inside, and it's the end of our chocolate season.  Everyone knows we get some powerful sunlight in the afternoons, and sometimes our chocolate treats just can't take the heat!  Come and grab a Quinoa chocolate bar from Alter-Eco, a Raspberry Rooibos bar from the Tea Room, and a Desiderio Gourmellow.  This is your last chance until fall!  And never fear: Spring is the beginning of iced tea and limeade season.  You can wave goodbye to chocolate while you welcome in some delicious, refreshing drinks!  Our cold-brewed iced coffee from Metropolis is pretty awesome on a hot day, too.  We can't wait for their special iced coffee blend to hit the shelves!  In the meantime, pick up a bag of Fair-Trade Organic Spice Island to make your own coffee at home.  And grab a treat while you're at it.  Luscious Layers is providing us with amazing cupcakes these days, and we don't want you to miss out.  Welcome to Spring, Delicious fans!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day, Delicious Fans!

Have you tried a wrap from SoulVeg yet?  We have the Unreal Chicken Wrap, the Jerk Tofu wrap, and the Jerk Steak wrap.  They're delicious warm, cold, whole, or split with a friend!  Pair one with chips or soup for a super-hearty meal!

We also have Liz Lovely gluten-free cookies back in stock.  Some of you were anxiously awaiting their arrival, so we want you to know that your wait is over!  We have chocolate-peanut-butter, chocolate-chip, snickerdoodle, chocolate-fudge, and triple chocolate mint.  And, no, we don't have a favorite.  We love them all!

Hope you're making it through the winter, friends.  We're happy to serve you a hot chocolate if you need a little warm comfort.  :)

Monday, January 14, 2013

Looking Forward

We realize how difficult it's been to watch the TBLT disappear.  Because of that, we'd like to give you something good to look forward to!  Firstly, Bot Bakery is going to start delivering twice a week: Fridays and Tuesdays.  We've been getting deliveries on Friday, which satisfies the gluten-free crowd during the weekend.  But that means slim pickings during the rest of the week if you're looking for something vegan and gluten-free.  No longer!  Now we'll get gluten-free goodies at the start of the week, too.  Secondly, Bot Bakery is going to be providing us with savory, lunch-type fare in addition to sweets.  If you adore the peanut butter sandwich cookie, just wait until you try the cashew-cheese pizza!  And lastly, we have a shipment of Rescue Chocolate bars on its way.  Everyone loves chocolate on Valentine's Day (...okay, and all the other days, too...); and everyone really loves cruelty-free chocolate companies that donate proceeds to animal rescues.  When they arrive, be sure to buy a Forever Mocha bar for you and your special someone.

Monday, December 31, 2012

Farewell, Andy

Dear Delicious Fans:

We realize that you’ve come to love our food as much as our drinks.  However, we feel we’ve overstretched ourselves and need to bring our focus back to coffee and tea.  In 2013 we’ll be paring down our food menu in order to serve you better.  Your favorite breakfast sandwich will remain on the menu along with homemade granola (so don’t freak out!).  But we’ll be waving a fond farewell to the TBLT and the Andy.  Perhaps one day they will return.  In the meantime, enjoy our variety of pastries, snacks and smoothies while you use our wifi and sip our coffee.

Thanks so much for understanding!


Friday, December 28, 2012

At the turn of the year

Hello, Delicious fans!  Thanks for a wonderful holiday season.  Last year, so many of you stopped buy for stocking stuffers and holiday treats.  We're so glad that you did the same this year!  We sold out of sea salt caramels and some of our chocolate bars.  However, we still have plenty of goodies to satisfy your sweet tooth on New Year's.  If you haven't tried AlterEco's Quinoa chocolate bar, we highly recommend it.  It's a healthier, vegan version of a Crunch bar!  Who can resist that?

We've been happy to have Bot Bakery as a neighbor all December long.  Betty Bot hosted a pop up shop in the space next-door, and we've been lucky to experience her Gluten-Free vegan pizza.  We've also enjoyed sampling her vintage wares.  She's there through December 30th, so check her out if you haven't yet stopped by.

We're hoping to have a bunch of new items and new events in 2013.  Stay tuned!